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If there are any problems with any of the links, if there is research in a particular area or additional links that you would like to suggest we add, or if there are any canon/reference/resource/meta comms out there for any sci-fi or fantasy fandoms that we have missed, don't hesitate to let us know!

General Resources
Art Resources
How to Draw Nice Maps:
Athletic Body Diversity - Reference for Artists:
Drawing Tutorials:
Free Drawing Resources List:
Drawing and Sketching Resources:
Human Figures & Their Proportions:
Arms & Hands:
Backs & Shoulders:
Chests / Upper Body / Torso:
Drapery & Folds:
Legs & Feet:
Figures in Action & Motion:
Figures in Groups or Crowds:
Figures in Landscape Drawings:
How To Draw The Face:
Capture People's Likeness:
Draw Portraits:
Facial Expressions:
Female Eyes:
Curly Hair:
Straight Hair:

Virtual Lighting Studio:

Free Photoshop Brushes:
Free Fonts:
Free Textures:
Color Scheme Designer:
Hand Drawn-Style Resources:

Free Programs
openCanvas 1.1:

Dictionaries, Encyclopedias, and Other Language Resources
Business Dictionary:
Medical Dictionary:
English to Latin to English Dictionary:
Notre Dame's Latin Dictionary and Grammar Aid:
Feudal, Medieval, and Castle Terms:
Glossary of Terms (Prehistoric, Roman Saxon, Medieval, Ecclesiastical, and General Technical) from Archaelogy UK:
Geography Dictionary and Glossary for Students:
Glossary of Religious Terms:
Feudal Terms of England (and other places):
Legal Terms and Definitions:
Guide to Writing Systems and Languages of the World:
The Language Construction Kit:
Learn Na'vi:
Ardalambion: A Comprehensive Resource on Tolkein's Many Constructed Languages:
Medieval Names Archive:
A Naming Language:
RhymeZone Rhyming Dictionary:
Old West Slang:
The Bible Dictionary of Words and Phrases:

Seventh Sanctum:
Timeline Generator:
Fantasy Name Generator:
Chris Pound's Name Generation Page:
(Fantasy) Town Generator:
Online World Generator:
Baby Names:

World-Building Tools
Magical World Builder:
The Mythpoet's Manual (Fantasy World Building):
Fantasy World Builder Questions:
Fantasy World Building Questions:
Designing A Fantasy World:
Creating Fantasy and Science Fiction Worlds:
World Building (Constructing A Sci-Fi Universe):

Writing/Editing Resources and Articles/Blogs
Write or Die by Dr. Wicked:
Dark Erotica:
Mystery Writing is Murder:
The Other Side of the Story:
How to Not Suck:
Writers Unleashed / Life Unleashed:
Daily Writing Tips:
Writer's Knowledge Base:
9 way to plot a novel:
Build a stronger Plot:
30 Days to Stronger Scenes Series:
15 Days to Stronger Characters:
30 Days to a Stronger Novel:

Purdue Online Writing Lab:
Proofreading Tips - Grammar Girl - Quick and Dirty Tips:
Editing and Proofreading:
VirginiaTech - Proofreading:
Guide to Grammar and Writing:
Common errors in English language:
"The Beta Bible":
Beta Reader Responsibilities:
Beta Reader Site:

Presentation and Readability for LJ and Beyond:
MPAA Ratings:
Fan Rating System:

Boredom Relief:

Research Resources
Mysterious Britain:
Archaeology UK:
Roadside America:
Legends of America:
Lists of Forms of Government:
The Annual FBI Uniform Crime Reports:
The Writer's Forensics Blog:
Anil Aggrawal's Internet Journal of Forensic Medicine (CONTAINS GRAPHIC IMAGES):
Forensic Pathology Index:
Suitet 101: Forensic Science:
Guide to Crime Scene Investigation:
All About Forensic Psychology:
The Graveyard Shift:
Historical Resources for Fanfic Writers:
Medieval Demographics Made Easy:
Encyclopedia Mythica:
Castle of Spirits:
List of Legendary Creatures:
Medieval Bestiary:
Essays - Swords and Swordsmanship:
Sword Care:
Modern Firearms and Ammunition:
Internet Movie Firearms Database:
Project Gutenberg:
A Fanfic Writer's Guide to "The System":
A User's guide to PTSD:
Basic Cooking Terms:
Body Language:
Religious Beliefs:
A Guide to Helicopters in Cinema and Television:
The Internet Movie Plane Databas:

LJ Comms
[info]fandom_grammar [info]multilingual [info]little_details [info]ask_a_cop [info]military_beta [info]science_beta [info]britpickery [info]multinationbeta [info]sga_canada_help [info]college_help

Fandom Specific Resources

Battlestar Galactica
[info]bsg_canon Battlestar Galactica Wiki:

Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Angel
[info]btvsangel_canon [info]angelquotes
Buffyverse Dialogue Database:
The BTVS Writers' Guild:
The Angel Zone of the BTVS Writers' Guild:
Slayerverse gallery:
Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Angel Wiki:

Doctor Who/The Sarah Jane Adventures/Torchwood
[info]dwcanon_fodder [info]dw_britglish [info]who_beta [info]tw_transcripts
Who Transcripts:
Doctor Who Wiki:

DC Comics/Marvel Comics
DC Comics Wiki:
Marvel Comics Wiki:

Consequence Free:
Firefly Wiki:

Harry Potter
 [info]hp_betas [info]hp_britglish
Spells used in the "Harry Potter" Series:
Harry Potter Spells:
Harry Potter Glossary - Spells and Charms: -- also has links to Timeline, Character Listing, Monster Listing, Magical Term Glossary, and Location Listing at the end of the page
Harry Potter Lexicon:
--which also has some great maps of hogwarts:
Harry Potter Wiki:

Horatio Hornblower/Master and Commander/Other Age of Sail Fandoms
 [info]aos_resources [info]kiss_me_hardy
Comprehensive Hornblower Fan Site:
Horatio Hornblower Wiki:

 [info]merlin_betas [info]scrying_bowl
Merlin Wiki:

One Piece/Pirates of the Caribbean/Other Pirate Fandoms
One Piece (In French):
Erin's Historical and Nautical Notes:
Elke's Pirates of the Caribbean Fandom Page:
Writer's Resouce: Historical and Technical Info:
One Piece Wiki:
Pirates of the Caribbean Wiki:

Star Trek (All Series)
 [info]klingon [info]wani_ra_yakana
Daystrom Institute Technical Library:
Memory Alpha:
Star Trek Online:
The Official Star Trek Site:

Stargate (All Series)
 [info]sga_beta [info]sga_canada_help [info]sga_reference
Stargate Wiki:

  [info]spn_possession [info]spn_caps [info]spn_betas
Supernatural Wiki:

Other Fandom Wiki Links

Alice in Wonderland Wiki:
Babylon 5 Wiki:
Chronicles of Narnia Wiki:
Chrono Trigger Wiki:
Cowboy Bebop Wiki:
Eureka Wiki:
Farscape Wiki:
Final Fantasy Wiki:
Fringe Wiki: OR
Fullmetal Alchemist Wiki:
Ghostbusters Wiki:
Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy Wiki:
Inception Wiki:
Legend of Zelda Wiki:
Lord of the Rings Wiki:
LOST Wiki:
Mass Effect Wiki:
Misfits Wiki:
Primeval Wiki:
Resident Evil Wiki:
Sanctuary Wiki:
Star Wars Wiki:
Tamora Pierce's Tortall Series Wiki:
Terminator Wiki:
Transformers Wiki:
The X-Files Wiki: